Social Business

Thorny Issues

Disruption is here. So they say. And as more and more parts of society get disrupted, disruptions themselves

New clues

Some years ago, I chanced upon a book. The chancing was a large dollop of serendipity that came

Am tired of social

I am getting a bit tired of ‘Social’.  ‘Enterprise 2.0’. ‘Social Learning’.  And labels of that nature. Every

Boxing the boxes

Daniel McCallum may not be a name that rings a bell. But for anyone who carries a title

Cards, badges and trinkets

Every conference, breakfast / lunch / dinner interaction, round table and other professional meeting usually left me with

Keeping count

We were all set to get into a meeting and the phone rang. I had a few minutes.

A connected world beckons

A new year invites us ahead. A year is just behind us. The segway days always proffer an

Influence in the new world!

“So are you influential?”. She asked me. Over dinner. We were finishing, thankfully. She had been pointed to

Social Collaboration in Berlin

That title could be misleading. Let me hurry and add, almost a month ago I was in Berlin.